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[EVENT] Valentine's Day event

Charles owns a chocolate factory and the Valentine's Day is his most productive time of the year. He was prepared for the Sweets Festival but monsters love chocolate too! His Cocoa stock has been devoured by Sweets Drops! Meet him in Prontera ...

2017-02-09 | Read more

[MAJ] Old Glast Heim

The technology to travel through time can now be used by scientists and historians to unveil the darkest stories in Rune Midgard past. Meet Hugin in Glast Heim and with the help of another time traveller, Barmunt, you will discover the reasons ...

2016-11-24 | Read more

[MAJ] Nightmare Clock Tower

A new monster has appeared in Clock Tower! Capable of manipulating time, space and memories, he created a twisted reality of the Aldebaran Clock Tower where monsters gained an incredible power. Belljamin Button is waiting for you at the first floor ...

2016-12-15 | Read more

[INFO] Christmas Card Collection

The Ragnarök Online Team is proud to announce its "Monster Cards Collection" Game's release. The « Monster Card Album » game on www.ragnarokeurope.com will take place from 15/12/16 to 15/01/17 included. The game can be extended during 1 Week ...

2016-12-15 | Read more

[INFO] Maintenance 26/01/2017

Have been updated with this maintenance: - Kafra Operations - Switched the War of Emperium 2 Town - End of the Event: Monster Spawn+ - New Event: Chinese New Year 2017 - All Zodiac Headgears are available on the iShop - Fix issue with ...

2017-01-27 | Read more

[EVENT] Chinese New Year 2017

Lunar New Year celebrations have always meant baking rice cakes for people you love. In Payon, inhabitants will obviously perform the ritual again, but it looks like someone, or something, has decided to play with them : the rice bags used for the ...

2017-01-27 | Read more

[INFO] Maintenance 12/01/2017

Have been updated with this maintenance: - Kafra Operations - Switched the War of Emperium 2 Town - New Event: A Tribute to the Kings

2017-01-12 | Read more

[EVENT] A tribute to the Kings

Saturnin is back this year and he still needs your help to bake the Epiphany Cake. Meet him in his kitchen in Payon (268,152) and gather the ingredients to make the cake. Each cake can be divided in 30 slices so keep a close watch on the ...

2017-01-12 | Read more

[INFO] Maintenance 22/12/2016

Have been updated with this maintenance: - Kafra Operations - Switched the War of Emperium 2 Town - New Event: Christmas Charity - New Event: Triple XP

2016-12-22 | Read more

[EVENT] Christmas Charity

Do a good deed for Christmas. The charity organization "Helping Hand" has arrived in Rune Midgard to help and share the joy with the poor people of the Kingdom. However, it seems they don't have enough ressources and volunteers for the ...

2016-12-22 | Read more


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